Friday, September 2

Of rocks and time capsules.

It is quite mellowing to see that a large chunk of the posts prior to this one begin with the idea or the sentence that goes like so: "I should post here more often."
However, with the highs and lows of college life tugging at the hands of my life-o-clock, I believe that is a futile goal to look forward to. Instead, I will turn to the old times of '04-'08 (perfect times they were not, to be honest, but they were damn near close to good) and muse on my pointless outbursts both poetic and prosaic on these hallowed... HTMLs.
Perhaps it does me some good indeed to return to these pages, for I fear a cycle that ended sometime ago will begin anew in a few more days. Perhaps it is unjust to find solace in the arms of someone whom I have never invited to my house for a cup of coffee (what is the procedure to invite a bunch of code hosted online for a cup of coffee at your house? Surely, there is a connection here to Java, am I right?), yet I believe that Fealdamar is the rock. Perhaps not a Casterly one, but definitely a grounded boulder favoured by donkeys and ogres alike!
For all I know, as the road leads through many woods and lands unknown, this little corner of the internet shall remain mine and will be a camp where I can rest and recover my strength over bread, butter and a bit of ink.
Dear Fealdamar, you are a rock, you are a stone.